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Flat Belly 365: Mouth-Watering Recipes For A Healthy Gut That Promotes Optimal Health

San Francisco, CA, February 16, 2018 ― Who doesn’t want a flat belly? Well, finally, there is a scientifically proven way to shed stubborn pounds and keep them off, especially for weight around the midsection. The secret to beating the bloat and enjoying lasting weight loss is a healthy gut. A healthy gut—fueled by superfoods, anti-inflammatory …

Activa Naturals Greens Superfood Powder
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#ActivaNaturalsGreensSuperfood Berry Antioxidant & Probiotic Powder Review

Thanks to Activa Naturals I received a complimentary sample for review. Greens are something I use daily in addition to homemade probiotics like water kefir, milk kefir and kombucha. It would be added daily to my husband’s and my breakfast smoothies. At the time that I received this jar of probiotic greens powder I was …

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Warehouse Club Discounts on Organic Foods, Supplements, Health & Beauty with Thrive Market

Do you belong to a warehouse club like Costco or Sam’s Club? If you do you know that for a nominal yearly membership fee you can shop for discounted goods and bulk packaging for yourself and your business.  Did you know that a similar model is available for natural and organic health foods, supplements and …

8 BooyaFitness Workouts
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Fitness for Real Life with Booya Fitness from #Mashup Conditioning – The Evolution of HIIT {Review}

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1TnJemx These are 8 of the 10 videos I received access to for free from @BooyaFitness by #MashUp Conditioning.  The workouts are between 15 and 16 minutes a piece and can be done individually or in tandem for a longer or more intense workout.  The trainers give examples of how to make the …