Thanks to BodyTea USA I received a bag of ‪‎weightloss tea‬ free in exchange for my honest review. It contains garcinia cambogia and other appetite suppressing herbs.The lemongrass makes it taste super yummy.
I noticed a slight impact on my appetite and cravings, but not much on the weightloss front. It could be because of the time of the month I’m using it during, aka water retention. The tea was surprisingly tasty especially when you add a bit of lemon and some stevia. They suggested using honey, but I felt that was defeating the purpose of the detox and weight loss function of the tea.
They send it with a strawberry shaped silicone tea infuser so you can brew the tea by the cup without having to strain it which is nice. The only issue I found is that the pieces of flower petal and lemongrass were soft enough and narrow enough to escape the infuser. At least they didn’t taste bad or have a bad texture if you accidentally got one in your mouth.
I’m terrible about remembering to drink it twice a day every day. Maybe if I can remind myself to stay on target drinking the tea when I should I’d have better results. At least it doesn’t taste medicinal or have any weird side effects.
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About the Product

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