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UPDATE: Yesterday (2/7/16) I tried wrap number 9 and wore it with the wide part of the wrap towards the top instead of the bottom like the model shows. This reduced the irritation I felt on the lower part of my belly and allowed me to wear it for several hours longer. Actually, I kept it on over night. I did not alter my diet or exercise yesterday at all and I did experience a reduction of 1/4 inch on my abdomen, waist and lower belly. It’s not much but it’s something that I hadn’t had success with until now.

Original Review:
So far I’ve been able to use 8 of the 10 Thin Botanicals herbal body wraps and have seen no discernible change. I measured myself before and after each application and maintained my normal daily routine. I made sure to cleanse the area thoroughly, drink plenty of water and tried to be active, but did nothing extra special that made me sweat. The purpose of this was to see if the wraps themselves would really do anything. From experience I can tell you that dieting and exercise WILL make you shrink and lose weight. To my surprise I used different kind of wrap the week before I started these which was not self adhesive, but suggested using it for the same amount of time and advocated that you NOT do exercise during use and I lost 3 inches overall and 4 lbs. I was hoping these self adhesive wraps would have a similar effect, but they did nothing. In part they are way too small (about 1/2 the size of other wraps I’ve tried) to be effective for what I need them to be. Also, wearing for 6 to 8 hours made my skin around the edges where it would pull slightly to itch terribly. My skin is still irritated around the bottom of my abdomen near the pelvis. My guess is these are made for already thin people who are searching for a way to tighten slightly sagging skin. If exercise is necessary for them to work how do you know it is the wraps that are effective and not just the exercise that’s working??? These ultimately were not all that great for me. The only effect I felt that was a result of the wraps was digestive discomfort and a slight increase in elimination. There was no tightening, weight loss or loss of inches – not even a little.