This post contains affiliate links. Products were received for free in exchange for my honest review.

It seems on Instagram there are unending images of woman and men who have wrapped themselves thin.  Needless to say I have been a bit skeptical of the effectiveness of these kinds of treatments.  I’ve always felt they were little more than a temporary fix and have resisted the urge to spend any money on them.

Recently, I had a chance to try a botanical body sculpting wrap from Body Sculpt Wraps in exchange for my review.  In the package they sent me there were two botanically infused wraps, a body suit and instructions for use.  I was surprised at first that they sent a body suit, but they explained in the accompanying letter that they have found their customers have better success with the wraps when they wear their compression body suit.  So, I thought, why not?  The wraps themselves are made of a fine woven cloth soaked in the herbal slimming solution.  It doesn’t have much of a fragrance or odor.  The wraps are not self adhesive so you must carefully apply them to the desired area for shaping and wrap it tightly with plastic wrap.  The wraps can be cut in half for use on the arms or around the thighs.  My main area of concern is my mommy belly.

The wraps are BIG. They were large enough to cover my abdomen from the pelvis all the way to the bust line and wrap slightly around my sides.  A smaller person would be able to wrap it more around themselves to help reduce love handles.  I didn’t have my hopes up when I measured myself before application of the wrap.  Honestly, I was fully expecting to be the same measurements the next day as I was that morning.  The claim is that slimming occurs in as little as 60 minutes, but their suggestion is to keep it on as long as possible – at least 6 to 8 hours.  That’s just what I did.  I lay the wrap over my abdomen, smoothed it out and wrapped myself as tightly as possible with plastic wrap.  It was evident now why they sent the compression body suit.  Even with the plastic wrap it felt like the whole assembly was going to fall off.  Once the body suit was on it held everything in place nicely all day.

When you are using the wraps make sure you wear clothing that is colorfast or that you don’t mind getting ruined.  The first time I had to go to the bathroom (BTW, the body suit is crotchless so you can go potty without a problem. They recommended wearing it without undies, but I had to put some on over it to feel comfortable.) I noticed that the front of my pants and the body suit were all wet.  I knew I hadn’t wet myself, lol, so I knew it had to be the liquid from the wrap leaking out from under the plastic.  I made some adjustments, wrapped plastic wrap a few inches lower and tighter around my belly and went about my day.  It didn’t leak anymore, but I had “body sculpting tea” all over my pants.

I was going to try sleeping with the wrap on overnight, but I couldn’t take the feeling of the plastic wrap on my skin anymore.  When I measured myself I had lost –

  • 1 1/4″ in my abdomen (above my waist)
  • 1/2″ in my waist
  • 1/2″ in my lower abdomen

Respectable losses, especially in my upper abdomen.  This is the place that seems to get bigger when I do ab exercises instead of getting smaller.  Everything underneath tightens and pulls up and just makes it bulge out more. It was nice to see some change.

You are only supposed to use one wrap a week, but measure several times through the week to check your progress.  For the first few days I yo-yoed with my weight a little.  I don’t think I was drinking enough water to help keep things moving. On the fifth day, I had lost a total of 4 pounds and my measurements reduced even more –

  • another 1/8″ loss in the abdomen
  • another 1/2″ loss in my waist
  • another 1/2″ loss in my lower abdomen

All these things combined with no real change in my diet other than drinking more water and no added exercise lead me to believe that the wrap, that one Body Sculpt wrap, really did have an impact.

My only problem with the wraps is that they are not self contained and must be wrapped with plastic wrap.  Since there is a chance they’ll leak or run you have to make sure you have the time – at least an hour to prep and wear when you won’t be going anywhere.  Make sure you clean and pat dry the area for application and drink lots and lots of water during use and in the days following to make sure all the toxins it’s pulling out are flushed from your system.  Avoid eating fatty or deep fried foods and try to eat as much fresh fruits and veggies as possible.  Also avoid foods high in salt or sugar – you don’t want to retain water.

It was nice to see that even this morning my measurements had not changed!  My weight has fluctuated a bit, but that is to be expected within reasonable limits. I’m going to wear my second wrap tonight and see how much more I lose!

I received a complimentary sample set in exchange for my honest review.