I received a complimentary bottle of #thermogenic #metabolizers from GloryFeel for the purposes of #review.

From The Manufacturer:
GLORYFEEL’S METABOLIZER is one of the best weight loss supplements scientifically formulated to burn fat, suppress appetite and increase metabolism
Gloryfeel is a german brand.
This product is developed with German Know-How but produced in the USA
Advantage vs. all other brands:
Our diet pills have a special designed formula with scientifically backed premium quality ingredients working as fat burners . Other fat burning products offer only one or two of these ingredients but with Gloryfeels Thermo Metabolizer you get the 5 most effective ingredients to lose weight in one serving!
Thermogenic Metabolizer  WITH
Raspberry Ketone
– Boosts metabolism and is judget to be one of the best fat burners
Garcinia Cambogia
– Inhibits fat production and reduces cravings, helps to lose weight and works as an appetite suppressant.
Green Coffee Bean
– Provides energy, full of antioxidants, metabolism booster and decreases carb cravings
Green Tea Extract
– Contains EGCG a strong antioxidant increasing fat burner plus
Vitamin B6
The body needs vitamin B6 for more than 100 enzyme reactions involved in metabolism. Vitamin B6 is also involved in immune function

It should come as no surprise that this is no miracle pill. The first few days I did notice that there was a bit of control over my cravings and appetite. Instead of losing weight though i started gaining weight. Witout the benefit of a strictly controlled diet this supplement had an unintended effect. I do believe that if i was sticking to my Venus Factor diet protocol that this combination would help me deal with cravings and hunger pangs.