wpid-collage_20141018234559223_20141018235023247.jpgTook my Vita Pure Milk Thistle to continue my liver cleanse.  I take one tablet with every meal.  They are not rough on the outside so it’s easy to swallow. So far I haven’t had a detoxification headache.  My hope is that cleaning my liver will help recovery from being sick for a month and a half.  A clean system is an efficient system.
The first time I tried Milk Thistle I was in high school.  I had been plagued with a cold that would not go away.  It got so bad I developed bronchial asthma. I lost my voice which totally sucked because I love to sing.  The weird thing is that I broke out in little pustules on my hands, feet, and inside my mouth.  I was diagnosed with scabies, asthma and only God knows what else.  Nothing prescribed ever made sense or worked.  Then it was suggested to me that my system needed a thorough cleansing.  Because of stress and environmental factors it was felt my liver was overloaded and shooting the toxins it had so meticulously removed from my body back into my system because it could not rid them in the proper way fast enough.  The explanation made sense.  It was my senior year in high school and I had had some stressful experiences with teachers and students alike in the few years past.  The thought of preparing for college was daunting.  I was given a regimen of herbs for liver cleansing which included milk thistle. Within a few weeks the pustules on my hands started drying up, the wheezing in my chest went away and my cough started to subside.  What had plagued me for 9 months was finally going away.
By the spring of my senior year I got to play in my schools production of West Side Story as Anita.  It was amazing to me that after so long I was able again to sing at the top of my lungs when my voice had been little more than a raspy whisper.  Now whenever I start to feel overloaded or getting sick too often I pull out my list of herbs and make sure to take a good liver cleansing.  For me that usually includes daily doses of milk thistle.
Cleansing the liver is also good for maintaining a good complexion.  I tend to forget that a bogged down liver could be the cause of my breakouts.  I did notice though that after several weeks of taking the milk thistle the breakout I had when I began reduced significantly and did not return with a vengeance like it usually does. It could be coincidence but I do feel the Milk Thistle supplementation factored into this.

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