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From the time we were little mom always told us to drink our milk and eat our veggies. She wanted us to grow tall, strong and smart and she knew that eating a balanced diet would help us get there.  Now she is older.  Somehow she’s smaller. What happened? Years have compressed her cartilage, softened or made her bones brittle with osteoporosis. She forgot to follow her own advice and take care that her body got plenty of calcium and essential nutrients as well.
Often as moms we get so busy caring for everyone else that we neglect ourselves.  You forget to eat or when you do its not well.  Cup holder candy and half finished toddler snacks and juice boxes do not make a balanced meal. Though we may think since we are no longer growing we don’t need to think about eating well.  Nothing could be further from the truth. We may not be actively growing taller, but we have to stay strong. We must for our children,  our spouses,  our friends and mostly ourselves.
Ever heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?  Eating well, staying active and caring for yourself today may someday mean no broken hips, strokes, or heart attacks.   There is no such thing as a perfect diet.  For whatever reason our bodies resist absorbing enough of what we need. Supplements allow you to make sure you are always getting what you need.
I received complimentary samples of Caltrate Gummy Bites for the purposes of this article.   In years past I’ve tried other brands and other forms of calcium supplements only to create a graveyard of pill bottles in my cupboard.  Either they were too chalky, tasted weird or were simply too large to swallow. The Caltrate Gummy Bites take care of all these problems! If I wouldn’t have known better I would have thought someone handed me a fruit chew candy not a calcium supplement.  No chalky texture, no weird flavor and not swallowing horse-pills.
Now we have no excuse,  ladies! Nourish your bones and keep your body strong with Caltrate Gummy Bites.