My post pregnancy pudge still haunts me.  It’s been five years so really I don’t have an excuse.  I could say depression and other things have gotten in the way, but there have been good times in between where I could have done something.  I think I resigned myself to the image in the mirror and let it weigh me down emotionally.  Have any of you experienced similar things?


Spring is very close and bathing suit and shorts season is close behind.  The last thing we want is for cottage cheese thighs, saggy butts, wobbly dimpled arms and squishy middles to taunt us another season.  We shouldn’t allow them to shame us into wearing long pants and long sleeve shirts.  Guilt us out of going to the block parties and barbecues because we might gain more weight.  It’s time to stop feeling uncomfortable. It’s time to be finished with the burden we’ve carried for so long.

It’s not just about weight either.  It’s about being strong and healthy.  Each pound we shed of fat we replace with strong, lean, beautiful muscle.  Though unlike a sculptor who molds and chisels from the outside we will sculpt and form our bodies from the inside out.  It will be frustrating at first.  It will be hard.  But it will be worth every ounce of effort and endurance you put forth.

So, what’s your plan to change your body for this good this year. . . and every year after?  We can’t think of this process as something temporary or it will be.  Last year I allowed an emotional upheaval get the best of me and squelch the 20 pound loss I’d achieved.  I haven’t gained it all back, but I don’t want to gain any more, that’s for sure.  My husband said I depress him because it seems like I’ve given up on myself.  I hadn’t really thought about it that way, but I guess I had.

Here are some ideas for ways to get in shape today and for good – 

  • Start walking.  Any activity is better than no activity.  Walking is low impact and can be done by even the most sedentary of people.
  • Ride a bike.  If you have a bike and can ride then use it.  Bundle up on cool days and go even if it’s just for 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Look on YouTube for exercise demos or videos that you can do.
  • Join an online weight loss support group or workout club.  Blog about your successes and failures.  Keeping track of what you do can be motivating.
  • Go to the library and rent some exercise DVDs that you can do at home.  Oh, and by the way, DO THEM!  There are typically videos available from old 80’s aerobics tapes to 90’s HipHop and modern day Yoga or Pilates and Cross Training.  Switching things up will help to maintain your level of motivation and avoid stressing your muscles.
  • If being at home is too much of a temptation to not do anything then join a gym.  The outlay of cash every month is a good motivation to get out of the house and actually use the membership.  Find the machines intimidating and don’t know where to start?  Afraid of lunkheads? Join a local Curves exercise center.  Their 30 minute circuit allows you to use different machines at specified intervals. You get a complete head to toe workout in just 30 minutes without having to worry about lunkheads, intimidating machines and too fast classes.  Check out for a location near you.