I just can’t believe that another month is upon us.  Summer is nearing it’s end as is “bikini weather”, but the need to get fit for healthy living is in style any time of the year.  Thanks to Revolt Now Fitness I’ve been given access to their diet and exercise program for the purpose of review.  Last month the August Revolt Now Fitness theme was “White Hot Summer” complete with a contest to see who could produce the best before and after pics for the month in a white outfit.  I did take my before pictures (ew!), but when it came time to take my after I was so disgusted with myself that there was no way I was going to share them – even for a $100 gift certificate!

Right in the middle of the August Uprising I was privileged to receive a pair of Zaggora Hot Pants to use in conjunction with my Revolt Fitness diet and workout routine.  Like I previously mentioned I was refocusing my efforts and being honest with myself about my daily progress.  I had to keep motivated to workout daily even if I felt overly tired, sore or just too out of sorts to give a flying monkey about what was going on with my own body.  Never in my life have I been athletic or excited about exercising.  Seeing results helps to keep me motivated.  I did the Zaggora 2-Week Challenge and was surprised and impressed at how much my lower body benefited from wearing the hot pants every time I worked out.

#RevoltNowFit + #Zaggora = smaller belly, butt and thighs

Here are my measurements for the Zaggora 2-Week Challenge and today –

Pre Zaggora Challenge Post Zaggora Challenge September Uprising
Date 8/13/2013 8/27/2013 9/5/2013
Weight 189.7 lb 187.4 lb 187.4 lb
Fat Measure (mm) na na 35 mm
Body Fat % na na 36.4%
Chest n/c na 43 1/2″
Ribs n/c na 36″
Abdomen (above waist) 39 1/2″ 39 1/2″ 39 1/2″
Waist 38 1/2″ 38″ 38″
Belly (below waist) 40″ 39 3/4″ 39 3/4″
Hips 43 1/2″ 42 1/2″ 42 1/2″
Right Thigh 25 3/4″ 25 1/4″ 25 1/4″
Right Calf 16 3/4″ 16 1/2″ 16 1/2″
Left Thigh 26″ 25 3/4″ 25 3/4″
Left Calf 16 1/2″ 16″ 16″
Right Bicep na na 13 1/4″
Right Bicep flexed na na 14 1/4″
Left Bicep na na 13 1/8″
Left Bicep flexed na na 14 1/8″
Neck na na 14″

You’ll notice a few new measurements for today’s results – Fat Measure in MM and Body Fat Percentage. My previous Body Fat percentage, before I started working out with #RevoltNowFit was 39.5%. Looking at the chart for my little body fat calipers I was saddened to find that this number is off the charts and not in a good way. This is disturbing because it brings to the fore my family health history.  My paternal grandmother was very overweight, didn’t watch what she ate and ended up succumbing to a heart attack.  She did live into her late 70s, but her final years were not exactly quality years.  The heart attack which finally took her life was her third in 10 years.  She was confined to her chair for the most part and had to use a walker to get around – the after effects of childhood polio.  Like I said she made no efforts otherwise to improve her diet so that she could be more active.  She sat around baking and eating cookies and loads of bacon and very little in the way of vegetables or whole grains.  Whole grain was a bad word in her house.  It was white Bunny Bread or nothing.  There are days I look in the mirror and catch a glimpse of her in me and cringe.  I don’t want to be like her.  I want to be active, fit and healthy.  I realize that time and unforeseen occurrence befalls us all and that my maternal ancestry will also have an effect on my future health, but I don’t just want to give in and let time take it’s toll without at least trying to rise above it.

If you are just embarking on a weight loss journey I suggest joining Revolt Now Fitness for varied and exciting workouts, a delicious and adjustable meal plan and great motivation from people wanting to get fit just like you.  Also, make sure you have a tape measure and fat calipers handy so you can keep track of your progress week to week.  Sometimes the scale won’t move, but your body will ;-).  Let’s end Summer on a high note and rock Fall with a whole new body!

Disclaimer: Revolt Now Fitness is allowing me complimentary access to their workout program for the purposes of review.  All opinions are based on my personal experience with the product or services.