Revolt Now Fitness has given me complimentary access to their workout and diet regime for the purposes of review.

For the past 8 weeks of my workout & weight loss journey with Revolt Now Fitness I haven’t seen any changes in weight or measurements.  There are times in any process when we have to re-evaluate what is going on, why and how we can fix things.  This is especially true when something that was working is no longer yielding results.  When doing a self evaluation or re-evaluation we need to face the problem honestly and without excuses.  Are you as dedicated as before?  Have you been consistent in following all the pieces of the process to make things work?  Then when you have your honest answers you must re-focus your plan for the best results.

Honestly Evaluating My Progress

In my case switching from a 6 week to a 4 week plan tripped me up big time.  For some reason I felt more hungry and way more tired than before.  For two weeks during the second Uprising in which I participated I was not home every day and my diet was all over the map.  This didn’t help things either.  Though I tried to make good choices when I did eat out I just didn’t feel as healthy as I had when I was making every meal.  Things have slowed down now and I’m able to be home more to make my own meals things have improved, but I’ve still been feeling very hungry and overly tired.

After thinking about what had changed from my first 6 weeks to now I realized I had gotten out of the habit of something important.  That is taking my daily supplements.  For the two weeks that I was carting my kids back and forth to swimming lessons I did not take my Creatine in the mornings like I had been in previous weeks.  The creatine I had been taking does bad things to my bowels and I did not want to have to deal with those issues while out in public.  This definitely affected my strength training and could also be affecting my energy.  Since I hadn’t been taking the Creatine I also forgot to take my fish oil and raspberry ketone supplement I had been taking with it.  Now that I think of it I also purposely cut down on my water consumption because I was away from home and, gulp, suffer from stress incontinence after two pregnancies and vaginal births which weakened my pelvic floor.  Drinking a gallon of water every day is difficult for me when I’m away from home since I don’t have to control to hold it in like I did before the girls were born.  I literally am in the bathroom every 20 minutes when I stay with my gallon a day routine.  Getting out of the habit of drinking enough water every day is surely part of the reason I haven’t been losing.  My energy was gone and admittedly there have been weeks where I only worked out two times; not good.

So as you can see it isn’t the #RevoltNowFit program that isn’t working it’s a lack of dedication and consistency that’s hurting my progress.  Man, it hurts to put that down in writing.  I’m at a point where I want to continue losing so I need to do something. But what?

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It’s Time To Refocus

When I started the Revolt Now Fitness workout and diet regime I was excited and raring to go.  As soon as life changed and I wasn’t able to stick with every bit and piece of the program my results fell apart.  This process is like a puzzle it’s not complete until you have every piece in it’s proper place.

I need to –

– Stick very strictly to the diet routine and prepare as many of my foods and meals ahead of time as I can.  Enjoy my day off my diet – make it a treat not a Fritunday ;).


– Take my supplements every day, first thing in the morning and directly after exercising as prescribed.

– Workout every day and rest when mandated.  If I miss a day, make it up as soon as possible, but try not to let two days pass without working out.

– Participate in the forums to gain and give encouragement.

This is a bonus week between July and August Uprisings and I’m looking very much forward to the August Uprising.  I have three whole weeks before a family reunion which will include swimming and I hope very much to lose at least another 5 lbs. so I can feel a bit more confident in a swimsuit before summer is over.

Summer isn’t over yet! You can still join me on this journey with Revolt Now Fitness and get into the best shape of your life.

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