Welcome Back Giant Circuits!

OH! How I’ve missed you.  I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed repeating 12 reps of 7 exercises 4 times until they were gone. This is the third uprising in which I am participating with Revolt Now Fitness.  Nichole Huntsman and team has graciously given me access to their workout and diet training system for the purposes of review. . . and to better myself.  Last month the big thing was Tabatas.  Let me just say farewell and good riddance to them.  I hated them with a passion.  It was a format of exercise that for someone who is unaccustomed  to vigorous exercise on a regular basis made my resolve waver until almost breaking.  Maybe once my stamina increases it won’t be so difficult or have to be so heavily modified.

sweat is fat crying

The first week of the July Uprising was beyond stressful for me.  Technical  issues prevented me from downloading the Uprising guide and from viewing any of the workout videos.  Finally three days in I was able to start working out anew with the NEW schedule.  Since I had access yet to the old videos from the first Uprising I was doing those.  During this time I discovered something absolutely amazing.  I am STRONGER!  The first Uprising in which I participated was a six week jaunt instead of four which may account for why the workout felt shorter and easier.  I discovered that I was able to repeat the Giant Circuit from that first Uprising an extra time because I didn’t feel “worked out” enough!  When I first started as a level 1 I was straining to finish the circuits three times.  Panting, gasping and straining to complete the workout was the order of the day.  Not any more.  Now those exercises are cake – delicious, three layer, double chocolate cake :P. . . with ice cream :D.

Can you tell now why I had trouble sticking to my resolve last week. . . other than the technical difficulties?  With my husband home and bringing home all kinds of goodies I felt like a kid in a candy store.  I was voracious.  It was disgusting.  This week without hubs bringing home chips and bratwurst and chocolate I’ve been much better.

I didn’t rest yesterday because tomorrow I won’t be home at all to work out.  So Friday will be my exercise and diet rest day.  Maybe.  If I get home early enough I might carve out 20 minutes before bed to workout.  It’s not ideal, but I always feel better when I make time.

I haven’t lost much in the way of weight or inches lately, but I’ve read that purposely stagnating for a little while gives your body a chance to reboot and recover.  That’s according to what I’ve read in my NOOM fitness app anyway.  I’m back in the saddle and ready to blast some serious fat and build some sexy muscle.

If you are looking for more motivation, a dedicated trainer and diet advice that works without leaving you hungry you should consider joining Revolt Now Fitness.  The community is always there on Facebook to help you improve and urge you on to progress.  It can be hard to follow a set program at times and having the help and support of your trainer and also those, like myself, that have been working with Nichole and Revolt for a while is a great boon to your resolve and self esteem.  The Revolt Now Fitness system is available online for $9.99/month, $24.99 for 3 months OR only $50 for a whole year!  If you have more than 20 lbs to lose (like me) I’d recommend the full year access because like me you’ll probably fall off the horse a time or two and need the help getting back up.  I’m not judging, it’s just human nature – we like the status quo and it’s hard to break free from it.

Disclosure: I received complimentary access to Revolt Now Fitness for the purposes of review.