Thanks to Revolt Fitness (#revoltnowfit) I was given access to their fitness program for the purposes of review.

Eight weeks have passed since starting the Revolt Fitness program with Nichole Huntsman.  The first 5 weeks were difficult but the results I achieved from sticking to the program were impressive.  I feel stronger, I look slimmer and my clothes are definitely fitting looser.  After week 6 a couple of things happened – Tabatas began and I got results drunk.

Tabatas are spurts of high intensity activity divided by short periods of rest.  These exercises showed me just what a complete wimp I am.  Through perseverance I was able to somewhat “master” a few of the Tabata exercises and yet others I’m just too weak and still to heavy to complete in proper form.  Modifications were the order of the day.  The exercises paired with a newly packed schedule and exhaustion made it difficult to stick to all my exercises in week 8.  Needless to say I didn’t lose all that much in the last two weeks.  I’ve stagnated and it’s my own fault.

I mentioned that I was results drunk.  There is a reason I don’t give updates of my weight and measurements every week.  I’ve noticed that doing this has a different effect on me.  Instead of encouraging me to continue for some reason my resolve wavers.  Feeling the changes and seeing them in the mirror have a deeper effect on me than seeing it on paper.  It could be that what I see in the mirror feels like more than what is written.  It’s a double edged sword.

Going shopping is still an emotional activity.  Many of my bras are too big as are my pants though my shirts are fitting better.  Keeping track of measurements is what helps me to combat shopping depression because though every designer and brand has their own take on what a certain size is – measurements don’t lie.  I needed a new dress and thankfully my seamstress mother was able to go with and encourage me even though I had to purchase a dress 2 sizes too big and tailor down to achieve the desired fit.  Is it just me or does everything either have no shape or fit way too tight even in the larger sizes.  For some reason larger clothing sizes,  like in sports wear, doesn’t seem to mean wider or fuller where you need it, but means longer.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ended up in a shirt 2 sizes larger than my normal size only to find that I still look like a poorly stuffed sausage with a shirt that comes down to my knees.

I’m hoping week 9 is better with #RevoltNowFit.