Thanks to Revolt Now Fitness I was given access to their workout and diet system for the purposes of review.  It has been the most beneficial review I’ve had the privilege of doing so far.  In six weeks I have seen my body transform, my back feel straighter and stronger, my buns tighter, my chest and abdomen smaller and my arms stronger.  Through daunting workouts and sometimes monotonous dieting I’ve given my body what it needs to get stronger and shed weight that was becoming a greater and greater burden.

Since starting my Revolt Now Fitness program I’ve noticed less pressure on my hips and knees and it’s become easier to pick up my 40 lb. daughter when she needs a cuddle.  Pulling weeds has become easier though not at all more fun :).  Working in the garden goes faster and is far less painful for my knees, back and shoulders than it was last year.  I can feel a spring in my step and a lightness in my gait I haven’t had in a very, very long time.  I want to exercise.  I want to stick to my diet.  I know from my results that together the diet and exercise works.

After six weeks of following the Revolt Now Fitness program I’m definitely smaller, but by no means finished.  It took 13 years and 2 pregnancies to get to this point I know it’s not going to take only 6 weeks to reverse 60+ lbs of weight gain.  Ugh, when I quantify that I seriously get disgusted with myself.  So glad I have this opportunity.


4/22/13 5/9/13 6/8/13
Weight 198 lb. 193.6 lb. 189.4 lb.
Chest 45″ nc 43.5″
Ribs 38 7/8″ 38″ 36.25″
Abdomen (above waist) 43″ 41″ 39.25″
Waist 39 3/4″ 39 1/2″ 38.5″
Belly (below waist) 42 1/4″ 41″ nc
Hips 45″ 44″ 43.5″
Right Thigh 26″ nc 25.5″
Right Calf 17″ nc 16.5″
Left Thigh 26″ nc 25.5″
Left Calf 16 1/2″ nc 16.25″
Right Bicep 15″ nc 13.75″
Right Bicep flexed 14.25″
Left Bicep 15″ nc 13.25″

 Left Bicep flexed
Neck 14 3/4″ 14 1/2″ 14″

Overall I lost 16″!!!

The next Uprising has begun and I’m psyched about how much more I’ll lose this round.  Nichole Huntsman has changed things up this time around to include Tabatas.  This has made it interesting but at the same time way harder than my first 5 weeks.  In all honesty this week was everything about a workout program that would have made me quit before.   Thankfully, Nichole listens to us, her pupils, and helps us modify the workouts to our ability.