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What Is Your Body Telling You

When working out there is someone very important you need to listen to.  You need to listen to yourself.  No, not the little voice in your head telling you to give it up and go get the ice cream and hot fudge or the bag of chips!!! You NEED to listen to your body.

It can be tempting to try and push yourself to match the abilities of your trainer.  Peer pressure in a class setting could move you to push yourself beyond what you are truly capable of either based on current physical strength and flexibility or previous injury that can preclude your movement.  What’s nice about working out at home is that no one can see you if you can’t match the trainers weight, flexibility or reps.  No one knows except for you how your joints and muscles feel on any given day.  You should push yourself a little when trying to build strength, but when you feel extreme pain, especially in a joint, that is your cue to back off or do an alternative exercise.

photo credit: SOMBILON ART, MEDIA and PHOTOGRAPHY via photopin cc
photo credit: SOMBILON ART, MEDIA and PHOTOGRAPHY via photopin cc

One day I would love to be as svelte and strong as the lady in the picture above, but I would surely blow out my knee and fall flat on my face if I tried that pose today.  Twelve years ago on a weekend  ski trip with my husband I injured my right knee at the top of a slope and had to hobble with the skis all the way down the mountain.  My knee swelled up to double it’s normal size and made it difficult to walk for the next few weeks.  My knee has never been the same since.  I have to be careful how far I push myself and treat my knee with care after workouts to keep it supple to prevent any serious injury.  My neck, shoulders and wrists also give me problems from time to time.  This doesn’t though mean that I should give up.  Absolutely not!!!   The ultimate and goal in working out is to increase strength, flexibility and lose weight.  You can’t do that if you give up.  The hope is that with continued exercise your endurance will increase as well and those areas that cause you aches and pains will be able to take more weight and reps.  If you push it too hard too soon you could end up putting an abrupt end to your entire workout routine for a long, painful time.  You want to get fit, not end up hobbled and needing surgery.

During the Revolt Fitness workouts Nichole Huntsman makes sure to let us know when a workout may cause unusual discomfort for some and how we can modify.  Basically, she wants us to listen to our own bodies and JUST. . . KEEP. . . MOVING! That’s what I do when I feel an unnatural pinch or pull somewhere.  I try to find an exercise, either which Nichole has suggested, or that I’ve done before that works the same muscle group and keep working.

Just Keep Moving

Just finished my 4th week on the Revolt Program. I have 2 weeks to go in my first revolt. I’ve lost 8 lbs. and my clothes is fitting better already.

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Disclosure: I received access to the RevoltNowFitness.com website and exercise program for the purposes of my review articles.  My opinions are based on my experience with the program.  I am part of the Revolt Blogger program.