Sleep like a koala to improve your weight loss - soundly that is - not 18 hours a day, lol
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This week I noticed something about my habits other than diet and exercise that could hamper my weight loss progress – inadequate sleep. The Revolt Fitness program, which I was provided complimentary access to for review, gives me the workouts and diet tools I need to make sure I am working towards my goal best AFTER picture. Many days I do feel tired and so sore from the previous day’s workout, but I push on because I have been seeing measurable results. Lately though I’ve been extremely tired and it’s my own fault.

In the evenings I have a very bad habit of sitting down to watch TV with my hubby and my laptop on my lap. Many nights even after he’s decided to go to bed I continue glued to social media networks, writing articles, seeking blogger product review opportunities or searching for inspiration. It’s great because it’s the one time of the day that there is no noise or distraction. The problem is staying up until midnight or even later makes functioning normally the next day very difficult.

So, what is one to do if you have trouble sleeping at night or your habits are preventing you from getting an adequate amount of sleep? Think about the things that may be keeping you awake –

  • Are you eating too much sugar – including fruit – too late in the evening?
  • Are you drinking caffeinated beverages late in the day that could affect your sleep patterns?
  • Do you watch TV, play video games or work/play on the computer late in the evening?
  • Do you let the stresses of the day get the best of you?
  • Is your mattress or pillow uncomfortable? Too soft, too hard, saggy, not supportive?

First is recognizing the problem then you have to do something about it.  Since I’ve been adhering to the Revolt Fitness program I haven’t even had a cup of coffee during the week and definitely no sugar.  My problem is TV & computer use and uncomfortable sleeping surfaces.  One I can remedy if I apply myself – reducing TV & computer use too late at night.  A better pillow is attainable though not easy to find, but a new mattress is going to have to wait a while – probably a long while :(.

Creating a sleep routine is beneficial even for adults.  Turn off all electronics at least 30 minutes before a predetermined, reasonable bedtime because the action and ever changing scenes on the screen have a tendency to overstimulate the brain.  It’s best to not eat too much too late to prevent indigestion and heartburn that could keep you up at night.  If you need a snack make it small and protein packed – 10 almonds and a cup of chamomile tea will help you sleep (packed with magnesium) and fill the need to nosh in the evening.  To help you relax and get ready for the next day a warm, not hot, bath will help to relax your muscles and prepare your mind and body for sleep.  Essential oils like lavender and chamomile added to the bath will give the sleep prepping process an aromatherapy boost.  There are times when sleep evades us no matter what we do.  Personally, I don’t like taking anything that may become habit forming, not even over the counter.  Melatonin drops are a good alternative to help you relax.  Also a homeopathic sleep aid like Calms Forte by Hyland’s always seems to help me relax within a short period of time and get back to sleep.

Working on getting in more zzz’s is on my list of urgent things to do.  I’m still pushing through each workout and becoming more and more accustomed to eating clean.  There are still times I miss a little extra fat or a bit of sugar, but when I see the results  on the scale and in my clothes I know I can’t give up on Revolt Fitness.  Sometimes the workouts look deceptively simple and then kick the crap out of me.  One for instance was called Stability Ball Pass-Through – just handing off the stability ball from your feet to your hands and back again while laying flat on the floor.  Try it 10 times – without dropping it – and did I mention you have to stretch the legs out below you and your hands above your head each time.

I appreciate immensely having a day of rest from the diet and days of rest from working out.  Self-control is really needed to maintain the resolve to jump back on the wagon the next day.  The diet is harder to get back to for me than the workouts.  This week I tried at least to have one meal on my diet rest day from the diet so I wasn’t completely cheating.  The whole day had me thinking about what healthy things I could prepare later in the day and tomorrow.  I think that is what my plan is going to be from now on so it’s not so hard to get serious again.  One thing I’ve noticed about the cheat day is that though the food may taste different (sometimes better) I don’t FEEL physically better afterward.  Whether it’s a stomach ache, indigestion, headache or heartburn it all makes me want to run right back to the Revolt Fitness diet.

One more week down.  Let’s prepare for what week 4 has in store.

Getting too little sleep during the workweek may take a toll on the waistline, according to a new study.   Participants who lived for two weeks in a sleep lab gained almost two pounds over a five-night period when they were limited to five hours of sleep nightly. When […]


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