For me this is the most important progress picture.  It has been almost 3 years since I’ve been able to wear my wedding ring set.  This is the farthest I can get the ring on my hand.  Right now, for me this is my “bikini” picture.


Starting Weight: 198

Weigh In 1: 196.4

Weigh In 2: 194.8

Weigh In 3: 192

Down .6 lb on 5/9

Down 1.6 lb on 5/10!!!

I have been too embarrassed to share these, but how will you know my progress if I don’t –

4/22/13 5/9/13
Chest 45″ nc
Ribs 38 7/8″ 38″
Abdomen (above waist) 43″ 41″
Waist 39 3/4″ 39 1/2″
Belly (below waist) 42 1/4″ 41″
Hips 45″ 44″
Right Thigh 26″ nc
Right Calf 17″ nc
Left Thigh 26″ nc
Left Calf 16 1/2″ nc
Right Bicep 15″ nc
Left Bicep 15″ nc
Neck 14 3/4″ 14 1/2″


One thing I’ve always despised about dieting is always being hungry.  With all the workouts on Revolt Fitness I really felt worried that I would end up hungry.  Boy was I ever wrong.  All in all I was consuming more food in volume and calories than I had been previously so I really was concerned that I would gain instead of lose.   Again, I was wrong.  The meals are setup so that your body gets the right amount of nutrients to support your normal everyday function plus the workouts and they also encourage your body to release it’s stores of fat.  I was amazed the first week though I only lost 1/2 a pound.  In the last 2 days alone I’ve recorded weight lost over 2 lbs.  Sometimes the repetitiveness of the diet gets a little frustrating, but I have the freedom to substitute other foods that fit the diet’s criteria with a little help of my Revolt Diet Guide.  So when I’m sick of eating chicken and want to have fish or steak instead I can do that.  Even on the lowest level of the diet plan, which I am on because of my frame type, I find that sometimes I have a very hard time physically eating all the food prescribed.  There’s no way I’d even think of craving a cookie after eating a meal that has stuffed me to the brim.

Here is an example of the breakfast and lunches I’ve been eating over the past couple weeks:

The breakfast of eggs and oatmeal looks a little blah, but with some hot sauce or salsa for the eggs and stevia and cinnamon on the oatmeal not only is it palatable but very filling.  Lunches mostly consist of lean meat, veggies and unlimited spices – but go easy on the salt.  It can be tempting to make up for the lack of fat with salt but then you run into problems with water retention which is a terrible weight loss enemy.   One of the ways the Revolt Fitness diet plan keeps the water retention low is by making sure you drink a gallon of water every day, you get your vitamins and minerals and electrolytes so that you can recover well after working out hard.

This is what I use as a supplement and to make sure I get my gallon of water every day:



The EcoDrink I picked up at Sam’s Club and it works out well as an electrolyte and vitamin/mineral supplement. It tastes really good too. The 32 oz. Cincinnati Reds cup I picked up at a game in early April (their 20,000th) and discovered completely by chance that using it to drink my gallon made it easier to keep track. Four refills of this baby and I’ve consumed all I need. There were a few days last week that I had 5 full refills of that cup which surprised me. I didn’t think I could drink that much.

What has impressed me most about the Revolt Fitness program is that even in a few short weeks in addition to weight loss I’m starting to notice other changes as well. My husband, being ornery as usual, was poking me in the backside trying to aggravate me and commented, “Wow, your butt is getting firmer!” I never would have noticed, but I guess that is his job LOL!!!

Very much looking forward to seeing what the next week will bring.

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Disclosure:  No compensation was received for this content.  I received complementary access to the Revolt Fitness program for the purposes of review.  All opinions expressed are my own and based on my experiences with the service.