large_3223455643.6 lb lost since last weigh-in, 1.1 overall

Sitting here drinking my Revolt Fitness cleansing smoothie hoping that the potassium in the parsley will help prevent the charley horses in my calves and getting a sudden warm flush sensation I feel very disappointed in how my weekend went. I awoke Saturday with loads of plans and the best of intentions. Guess I miscalculated how long everything I HAD to do was going to take and my workouts suffered.

You’ll find an article here about “weakends” that became a self fulfilling prophecy this weekend. There was a whole family oriented baby shower I was taking the girls to and my hubby was going to haul water to fill our cistern (I would have preferred if he had come with us, but I appreciate greatly his sacrifice). To help him out so he didn’t lose any more time in the morning I volunteered to mow the lawn. It was still wet and the mower wheels slid a little but it wasn’t too bad. I would have done it earlier in the week but the battery was dead and I didn’t have the charger (or know how to use it. . . so ashamed).

By the time I was done mowing it was time for lunch. We finished lunch and started baking. Cookie is gluten intolerant so she helped me make a batch of gluten free pumpkin banana crumb muffins with Arrowhead Mills baking mix. That way she could have something sweet to share while everyone else was eating cake. Bonbon wasn’t about to be left out so I had her help me make some cookies with a box of cupcake mix I had in the cupboard. It was a nice way to keep her occupied and a way to get cake mix OUT of my house. Did I mention, I forgot it was there until I went to get the Arrowhead Mills out of the cupboard? That’s why it was still there after I cleaned out my cupboards of junk. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

We ended up 2 hours late to the gathering because we hadn’t bought a gift and had to run to the store to get something. It’s a LOOOOOOONG story why we hadn’t done that before Saturday so I’ll spare you the ugly details. We got there just in time to eat. Yes, Saturday is my Revolt Fitness FREE day, but I was elated to find there was grilled chicken and salad. . . and cake. The girls don’t get to get out much and play with other kids so I stayed as long as I could to let them enjoy the games and fresh air. Truth is I don’t get out much either so even though I was preoccupied with watching what the girls were up to I still had a good time. It was refreshing to be outside in the fresh air, to talk and joke with good friends and watch my girls enjoy themselves.

Sunday is always a whirlwind. First thing in the morning I put together my shopping list. Got ready for church and as soon as we got back from church it was off to the store. We went non stop from lunch, then Sam’s, Vitamin Shoppe, an international foods store, Meijer, and finally dinner. We were all pooped, the girls were cranky and we just wanted to go home. Bonbon was fast asleep when we got her out of the car and stayed that way all night. Cookie was exhausted. Hubby helped me take all the groceries out of the bags, but the rest was up to me. It was already 10PM by the time we got home and after rearranging everything in the fridge and freezer and getting some food marinated and repacked I was ready to be done and in bed – at 11:30 PM.

Notice something missing from my routine? Yup. My workouts. I need to get back in the saddle today. I was happy to find that I did still lose weight over the weekend since I did try my best, with a few minor deviations, to the Revolt Fitness Now diet. So I’ll keep chewing my smoothie and psyche myself into exercising this afternoon.

(whispers to self – you can do it, you can do it, you can do it. . . )

photo credit: Christaface via photopin cc