Revolt Fitness
And so the revolution begins. A revolt against a state of mind, a bad attitude and against the dreaded before picture. This revolution is against all the negative body image thoughts, the depressed emotional eating, the insatiable sugar cravings and the idea that we are not strong enough to actuate our own change. This revolt guided by Nichole Huntsman, founder and trainer for Revolt Fitness promises to change our determination and dedication into results.

Tomorrow is that start of a new era for me. I’ve never before trained with a “live” trainer who is interested in my results. Never before has anyone personally handed me a plan and said, “If you do this it will work.” This could very well be the reason my previous weight loss attempts have never been successful. I’ve never been held accountable to or been encouraged a person or a group. No one has ever asked ME to inspire others. Every time I write about my weight and weight loss attempts the more and more I understand that my biggest problem is low feelings of self worth and a lack of self esteem.

My hope with this revolution is that not only will it transform my body but it will transform my thinking so that I will be motivated from within to persevere. I know this sounds corny but it all comes down to the line from the L’Oreal commercials, “Because you’re worth it.” It’s absolutely true. Whether you are trying firm up, lose those last 10 pounds, gain muscle and weight, or lose 100 lbs. you should do it because YOU are worth the effort. Not because someone asked you too or because someone else made you not feel good enough.

Why am I doing the Revolt Fitness program?

I want to change. I need the help. I need the motivation. I want to inspire others.

Nichole has put together a program of nutrition and fitness that is dynamic. She promises that the workouts will never get old and the diet is easy to follow. O ne thing I was a little worried about is how my family would react to eating the same thing every day for a week. Then I had to be honest with myself and realize that they do that most weeks anyway :-/.

I was supposed to do a Jumpstart week last week to get up to speed with the Revolt program and start seeing some results. It was my full intention to participate, but a wretched stomach flu tanked all my best laid plans. We actually went last Saturday and bought all the food on the menu that we didn’t have and I came home and prepped it. Monday we weren’t home because my mom needed help with some things since she’s been sick (not the contagious kind) and then we went to visit my in-laws who were celebrating their anniversary. Turns out my father-in-law had been sick the night before and was convinced it was food poisoning from a local fast food restaurant. To my dismay we found out the hard way that it was not food poisoning. By 3 am on Wednesday morning my youngest and I were vomiting practically every 20 minutes for the next hour and then at least once every couple hours for the next 12. My oldest started throwing up 6 hours later. She recovered quickly and was able to start eating light meals the next day. I almost took my baby to the ER. Everything she ate and drank though she would keep it down for several hours ultimately vomitted it up. Things went on like that for three days. Poor thing I had to hold her stomach down with my fingers under her ribs a couple of times so she’d stop throwing up. Some motherly persistance, nagging, and force feeding finally got her hydrated and eating and hopping around like a bunny again.

Weapons of the Revolt

There are weapons that will be in my arsenal to help keep me on track every week with my fitness and diet goals.

  • The Revolt Fitness Diet Guide
  • The Revolt Fitness Workout Guide
  • Free weights – dumbell or kettlebell
  • A digital food scale
  • A digital bathroom scale
  • Body Fat Calipers
  • Fabric/Plastic Tape measure to take body measurements
  • The support of the Revolt Fitness army of men and women

Stay tuned for more information and updates.  I’ll be keeping you informed of my progress in the program – good or bad.