After two months of dieting I’ve had a bit of a rebound in my weightloss.  Being outside of the house sometimes it is difficult to keep track of every little thing I eat.  That has been a really bad thing for me since I’ve been able to typically know what I can eat calorie-wise as long as I am home.  Feminine issues caused a lot of hunger and bloating this month too – no good for weight loss.

I’ve resolved again to be more careful, especially about snacking.  I kept track of how much I ate even the little bits all this week and noticed how easy it is to blow your diet when you don’t carefully plan what and when you are going to eat.  I also noticed that it messes with your digestion when you don’t eat enough vegetables.  Hopefully by the end of next week things will be back on track and moving forward again.

Any tips or words of encouragement?