I just posted an article for Top Choice Fitness Articles that was inspired by my experience with the Wii Fit. Never before had I tried Yoga postures so they were foreign and rather scary to me. The ones that Nintendo chose to include in the Wii Fit series of exercises are enjoyable and easy to learn.

My favorites by far are the Warrior pose and the Sun Salutation. I have some alignment problems with my pelvis and the Warrior pose helps to stretch out the hip flexors and bring my hips back into alignment. This has lessened my need to go to the chiropractor as often. As long as I am motivated to get up and use the device I usually have very good results.

The Sun Salutation was at first a little awkward. It seemed like a lot of moving around with my feet so close together that I thought I’d topple. Once I got used to it the position is actually great fun. I can feel the stretch in my legs and back and how my arms are even being toned.

Every day I do the Deep Breathing, Half-Moon Pose, Warrior Pose, Sun Salutation, Palmtree Pose and Chair Pose. Even though the Tree and Chair pose aren’t my favorites I do them because I realize that I need to strengthen my abs and ankles. My hope is to be able to do the Tree Pose and the Dance Pose without almost falling on my face.