Everyone has their own standard of perfection.  In the case of weight loss it’s the solid idea of what you’ll be like as the process of life modification molds you.  You must have concretely in mind more than just what you hope to look like, but what you hope the changes will do for your physical strength and well-being.  Basing your “perfection” solely on looks you will be setting yourself up for emotional failure.  We can’t expect either for the changes to happen overnight or that we will look like a supermodel when we are “done”.

If we are committed to permanent change for our health and happiness we will never actually be done.  This is merely the beginning of a life long journey of change.  For me having the strength and endurance to play with my little girls – run with them, pick them up, push them on the swing, etc.  would be the greatest thing for me.

Day 3:  Beach Body Power 90 Sweat Circuit 1-2

Oi.  In the evening I felt like someone had beaten me up.  I had to psych myself up and keep saying, “you can’t give up.”

Day 4: Beach Body Slim In Six Start It Up

Decided I should change things up a bit so I didn’t get too sore and burnt out too quickly.  I remembered from the times I’d started out before with this workout that I was at least able to complete it without stopping.  That turned out to be the case today as well.