I don’t know what happened Thursday. The morning was good, I played with Yeyda and ate a good, healthy lunch. About an hour after lunch I thought I was going to vomit. I was so naucious. It felt like someone was twisting my guts in opposite directions. I lay down for a bit, but it just got worse. My whole day was sunk. I didn’t even get all my housework done. So, sadly, no workout for today.

Friday I did much better. As soon as I got up I took the Beach Body Performance Formula (it’s old so I hope it still works) and worked out as soon as hubby left for work. It was going to be a long day so I knew I had to work in my workout as early as possible. This had me feeling pretty good. I washed dishes, cleaned house, played with Yeyda, got ready to go for my in-laws 51st anniversary dinner, and made a Baked Italian Potato Casserole (OMG was that yummy). Some how the day got away from me and I ended up feeling like I knew I’d gotten something done, but I didn’t know exactly what. About 4 PM I loaded everything in the car and went to get water. (Our cistern water is really yucky and we don’t have a proper filtration system in place. So we don’t get anyone sick we go get bottles of water from my sister-in-law’s store up town.)

Our host was already getting antsy and pinged my husband and I both about what time we’d be there. It’s kind of annoying, but we have to try really, really hard to stay on their good side. Nuff said. Dinner was great. We had steak, the potato casserole, salad, roasted veggies, fruit salad and cake. I am very glad to say that other than the teaspoon of sugar in my morning coffee the cake was the only sugar I’d had all day.

Saturday ended up being a lazy day. I was just tired all day. The housework got done, I cooked dinner, swept floors and cleaned up after Yeyda. I ended up taking two naps and the thought of working out was the farthest from my mind. The only thing I can think of that would have messed me up like this is PMS. For this reason I would like to be back on birth control pills so I get evened out and my cycles aren’t so harsh, but that’s kind of hard to do when you want to have another baby.