Ever been horseback riding? It’s not my favorite past time. I’m short, fat and uncoordinated and being on the back of a large creature whose girth is wider than your knees can stretch is rather uncomfortable. These past few days that is what exercise has felt like to me.

On Sunday, day 14, we went out and walked a good chunk of the afternoon. I had a chiropractors appointment on Monday, day 15, and did some grocery, garden, clothing shopping that kept me up on my feet all day. Tuesday, day 16, I think I overdid it. I worked in the garden(s) for 3 hours then came in and did my Slim in 6 workout. I was exhausted. My husband didn’t bring “Mr. Niceguy” home with him that evening either so I was tired, PMSy, and pissed off. Wednesday, day 17, was just a long day altogether. I wanted to workout in the morning, but I had to many chores to finish before I left at noon. I wouldn’t be home until at least 6:30 PM so I had to get as much work done as possible. By the time the day was done, I was again tired and I didn’t get a chance to workout. It was a bit disappointing.

My eureka moment of the day was when I was finally able to weigh myself. I weighed in at 187.6 pounds; a loss of 2.4 pounds. Mind you this has been without the benefit of drastically cutting calories. I’ve been fairly conscious of my sugar intake and tried to avoid desserts, unless it’s fruit. I need something to quell that craving. So, I keep trying.