I just joined SparkPeople after seeing their link on a fellow blogger’s site.

It looks like a really cool site and may just be the extra push I need (Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE).

After logging in they calculated my BMI (Body Mass Index). At 5’2″ tall and 190 pounds I am officially obese with BMI of 34.8. Not good. I like that they offer a way to track your fitness progress, nutrition plan (either with or without their guidance), and other goals (like drinking eight-8oz. glasses of water a day). The best part is that it doesn’t cost me $30 plus a month to be a member and I get all the encouragement, recipes and fitness advice I need.

I’m not a person that has habitually planned my meals. I eat what’s available and what I’m craving. As a family we do love to eat vegetables, but we also love cheese and meats and rich foods. If I knew how to cook like the French and made the rich foods satisfying with just one serving it might not be so bad. It’s going to be a long process of trial and error to figure out what works best for us as a family. You think about it, if I’m on a diet than everyone else is too, because I’m preparing the food. I don’t want to deprive anyone, but I also don’t want to harm anyone’s health by allowing bad habits to endure.

After tracking my day’s consumption, which took a while because I had to add all the foods and their nutritional info, I noticed I went over in FAT. At first it made me feel bad, but I noticed that what made me go over the top limit/goal of the day was the olive oil and almonds I ate during the day (MUFA foods), so I wasn’t horribly concerned. Tomorrow I’m going to use their suggested guideline meal plan for the day and find foods that I have in my fridge and pantry that I can substitute and still stay within the suggested range.

Workout Progress. . .
I did the Slim in 6 workout again this afternoon. The baby was asleep and the windows were wide open. She and I had spent 2 hours this afternoon outside “playing” in the garden so she was beat. She’s claimed her plot; it’s so cute. I know it’s only been a week and a half but I’m feeling pretty good about myself and hope to stick to the exercise plan. Knowing that I plan on sharing my progress with the world is a big motivation.