It’s day 9.  Woo hoo, made it one more day.  Today I actually took my little dvd player (which is dying and doesn’t have a working remote anymore) outside so my little girl could play while I exercised.  The patio boards are old and the paint is worn off so it made for good traction and not a bad place to do crunches.  It was brisk, but a pair of earmuffs for me and a hat for Yeyda kept us from getting earaches.  My legs still don’t feel like jelly and that for me is awesome.

This evening after book study at our friends house I took the opportunity to weigh myself on their bathroom scale.  Remember how I said yesterday that I didn’t expect any change in my weight.  I mean I only worked out 7 to 10 minutes a day for the first week. Well, to my surprise, I lost 1.6 pounds.  I had to weigh myself again, but sure enough the scale said 190!  Better than nothing and this makes me a happy camper.

As for my “diet” I’ve been trying to include as many of th MUFA foods as possible.  Almonds, pecans, olive oil, dark chocolate, beans have been a staple in my diet over the past week.  Not that I didn’t eat these things before, but I’m trying to use them more effectively and have them in snacks.  We actually bought some Dark Chocolate roasted almonds from Emerald Nuts the other day.  They are quite yummy.  The only thing I found off-putting was the aftertaste of the sucralose, but I guess I need to put up with it if I don’t want to give in to my sugar craving.