As I eat my oatmeal this morning I wanted to share the terrible thing I discovered last night. Not only am I 50 pounds beyond the upper range of my ideal BMI, but I am 60 pounds past that range. We do not have a bathroom scale so I rely on when I visit friends and family to weigh myself. Last night we were at book study at a friends house and I took the opportunity to weigh myself on their bathroom scale when I took my little girl to the bathroom. What the scale said was 10 pounds higher than I thought I was; (I hate this, but here goes) what I saw was an unhealthy 191.6. Remember I’m only 5’2″. You can just imagine what I’m starting to look like – a soggy apple with arms and legs.

What started this whole new concern for my increasing size is that I had to go to Lane Bryant to get sized for a bra. The size is a far cry from the 34C I was when I got married. To my chagrin the size was 40DDD. Talk about instant depression. Granted the fact that I breastfed my little girl factors in, but I have also gained 25 pounds back since I had her.

So, like I mentioned yesterday, I worked on my arms this morning. I did the Push-down hold and the lift hold from Jorge Cruz’s 8-Minutes In the Morning Workout. Last year I had his second book out from the library for 6 weeks and someone actually noticed a change. Then I had to return the book and it all went straight to the garbage. I guess without a reminder on my desk staring at me so as to say “workout flabby butt” I put it out of my head. Well, I guess that is why I started making these posts. This way if I don’t write something I know I’m slacking off.

I was thinking this morning that I might try something a little different. When I workout a full 30 minutes in a row I tend to get really winded and tired and extremely hungry. Maybe if I break up a 30 minute workout into three 10-minute sessions throughout the day it would work out better at least until I get used to working out regularly. Have you ever done something like this?

A friend of mine gave me an old (expired in 2004) bottle of Activit from Beach Body. I went ahead and took a couple this morning. It’s not like they go bad. At this point I’ll do anything to stay as far away from 200 pounds as possible. Just thinking about that number scares me. My grandmother and her two brothers were all morbidly obese and all died of heart failure after repeated heart attacks. I don’t want to end up like they did. I want to be able to enjoy the years of youth I have left and enjoy my life with my children without the pain of obesity and heart disease.

Eating healthy is going to be key to my success. I need to find filling foods and healthy combinations. This is going to get expensive isn’t it? It would be nice to join a program like NutriSystem that has all the meals perfectly proportioned and prepared. The thought of $300 per month for one person to eat is daunting and depressing because we can’t spare that kind of money. If anyone out there has suggestions of healthy, filling combinations please let me know.

If you’d like to help me in my struggle to shrink my fat stores please consider donating. These donations will go to purchase healthy food, workout paraphernalia, and eventually a well deserved new dress when I reach my goal.

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