8 BooyaFitness Workouts

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8 BooyaFitness Workouts
These are 8 of the 10 videos I received access to for free from @BooyaFitness by #MashUp Conditioning.  The workouts are between 15 and 16 minutes a piece and can be done individually or in tandem for a longer or more intense workout.  The trainers give examples of how to make the workout easier or more intense depending on your fitness level.  The idea is to get you moving – not kill you on your first workout.  You should feel that its difficult to talk but not impossible.
Lifetime access to these 10 videos costs $35 and/or you can subscribe to their website that has dozens of different types of workouts and over 50 workout plans to follow starting at only $9.99/month.  What’s nice is that they allow you to preview the first few minutes of the workouts to see if they are right for you.  At the beginning of each video they tell you exactly what equipment and space you’ll need so you can be prepared.  Since these are all streaming you can watch them anywhere you have internet access – no more carrying a portable DVD player with you when you travel.
Check out the evolution of HIIT!

Check out the preview at https://vimeo.com/153403913

Seven of the workouts combine Mind/Body, Agility & Strength, and High-intensity intervals while three of them take you through just one of those three modalities during the 15 minutes. MASHUP™ is considered one of the most effective and safest ways to achieve desired results in less time whether you are using the digital workouts or taking a live class! These digital workouts are available through IOS App, Chromecast, and Airplay.

Booya Fitness offers every workout class you can imagine. From Barre to UrbanKick to MASHUP™, Booya Fitness gives you access to the fitness industry’s hottest boutique studios and formats from the comfort of your home. Ranked as the number one destination for streaming classes by Glamour Magazine, Booya Fitness gets you sweating in seconds! Featured in Glamour Magazine, Vogue, Goop and more. Try 30 days free. Cancel Anytime.

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