Just recently I joined a Facebook group that posed the challenge of getting fit by summer.  I’ve tried many different ways of losing weight with limited success and I believe what I have been missing is support and accountability.  We’ll just have to see how this pans out.

Actually, today I did a 30 minute beginners Zumba workout from a VHS tape my sister-in-law lent me.  It was a lot of fun and reminded me of how I used to keep fit before I got married.  Without this group, and others on Facebook, to put the bug in my ear about exercising and getting in shape I’m not sure I would have done anything.  Starting exercise anew and joining this new group brought to the fore the question – what’s more important losing weight or losing inches?

losing weight or losing inches


This idea or questions is a huge obstacle for many in their weight loss journey.  At a certain point your body stops losing weight for any of several reasons.  Plateaus can be discouraging, but can also be a time to get re-motivated and change the way we view our weight loss journey.

For me in the beginning it’s all about the pounds.  When you see those numbers go down, down, down it is such a high.  When the numbers stop going down or take an uptick I tend to take it personally.  So, I started pulling out my trusty measuring tape.  Though I’ve been a little afraid to measure myself recently I know that IF you are exercising along with a healthy diet and the scale doesn’t “cooperate” it could be just that you are building lean muscle mass.  Muscle actually does weigh more than fat.  Hmmm, maybe that’s my problem -I’m not fat, my muscles are just puffy. LOL.  Seriously though we shouldn’t quit when we face that wall.  We just need to find a way to scale it (no pun intended).