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I’ve decided to get back in the saddle. . .  I hope the horse doesn’t buck me off :(.  For some reason when I tried to change my approach to dieting after losing 16 lbs.  something went haywire – I lost my way.  I should have just stuck with what I knew was working.  I had hit a plateau.  Here I am 6 lbs up from my best loss and I need to do something.

I know that counting calories has worked best for me in the past and I like the way everydayhealth.com does it because it shows how the exercise you do impacts your calorie intake. That was huge for me. I also use Noom on my Android phone, but I’m seriously considering dropping it. It hasn’t done much for me in terms of motivation. Doesn’t matter how many times my phone pings me I find it all to easy to ignore it. Like many it’s a matter of personal motivation. Tracking food by volumetrics is a nice idea and might work for some but I found that knowing exactly how many calories I am consuming was more motivational. Hoping to get back on track.

I got a heart rate monitor on ebay and I really like it.  Normal retail was $129 and I got the set for $28!!!  Also, bought a 2.8 lb hula hoop at WalMart and after 15 minutes trying to keep that thing up I’m sweating like a pig! I’m going to try to hoop at least 15 minutes a day if not 30. My biggest concern right now is my cardiovascular health and my blood pressure. I’ve been having dizzy spells and have been out of breath too easily lately. I shouldn’t feel like that at my age.

Though I do enjoy my morning cup of coffee I’m seriously considering giving it up.  The dizzy spells and the way my heart feels within an hour of drinking my coffee concerns me to no end.  I think I’ll just replace my caffeine buzz with 15 minutes of cardio in the morning before I get started and if I want a warm drink I’ll have a cup of Bengal Spice Tea from Celestial Seasonings.  It is by far my favorite tea for two reasons – the flavor and it does not need even a teaspoon of sugar to make it palatable.