For some reason Monday was a difficult day. The girls and I were exhausted and could barely keep our eyes open through the afternoon. Since they got up really early I didn’t have a chance to do my workout right after DH left for work. Mid afternoon we were all so groggy we took a nap. By the time supper came around, schoolwork wasn’t done, I was frazzled and no workout had yet been done. I felt like a loser.

About 10 PM I just couldn’t take it any more. I had had a cup of coffee at about 4PM and been on my feet most of the evening cooking supper and helping with school projects. It seemed like a good idea to take a load off. The more I tried to relax the more something in the back of my head kept telling me to get off my butt. So I logged into and started doing the 10 minute Core Cardio workout.

10 Minute Trainer,

Man was I sweating when I was done. Since I am so out of shape there were some moments during the workout that were rather uncomfortable for my lungs and throat. I hate that feeling but I know I have to endure it and persevere if I want results. When I was done I felt better for having pushed myself to do it.