Even though Mother Nature sidelined me for a few days I’ve been trying to keep up with some kind of exercise. So much for not having the monthly “gift” while breastfeeding. The same thing happened after the birth of my first DD so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Day 23: Great Abs Guaranteed

The seven straight minutes of working on the abs can be very tiring. It’s hardest on my lower back. My hips are a bit out of whack so the worst part is getting up off the floor to try and walk again :(.

Days 24-26: Slim In 6 Start It Up

Even though I’ve had to work out barefoot since my feet are too big for my shoes (my last pregnancy made my feet grow and I haven’t been able to buy new shoes – no time or money to shop :() I didn’t want to give up on my “full” workouts. It is getting easier to finish even with rug burn on my toes :-P. I’m not as winded and I went from not being able to do one push up to doing 12 in a row. I had looked into doing the Ramp It Up workout which is next in the series. It warns at the beginning to not do the workout until you’ve “mastered” the Start It Up routine. I don’t feel I’ve quite mastered it so I think I’ll wait at least another week.

Days 27 & 28: Great Abs Guaranteed

Both days I was a bit depressed and hurried so I resorted to only doing the ab workout. At least it’s something.

Day 29:

I was really down in the dumps in the evening the day before so I decided to take the day off on Sunday. Tomorrow I’ll get back into the swing of things with the Slim in 6 Start It Up. Maybe DH will decide to be nicer to me by being a little less critical and more helpful.